Little Leaf Farms to produce baby lettuce, greens in Devens – VIDEOS

DEVENS, Mass. —Little Leaf Farms, purchased about 14 acres of land from MassDevelopment at the state’s 4,400-acre former military installation property in Devens, Massachusetts, for a greenhouse production facility. Devens is an Enterprise Zone in the towns of Ayer and Shirley, Massachusetts.

MassDevelopment provided a $4.5 million loan to Little Leaf Farms toward the construction of a new state-of-the-art greenhouse facility to meet the region’s demand for high-quality, pesticide-free and locally grown leafy green vegetables. The company plans to grow baby lettuces and greens in its fully automated greenhouse.

Located in north-central Massachusetts and managed by MassDevelopment, in 1998 MassDevelopment began the redevelopment of Fort Devens, which today serves as the economic engine of north central Massachusetts. Created by statute in 1993 to support business growth and attract economic development opportunities in the region, the 4,400-acre site features fast-track permitting and other incentives for businesses. Along with its business tenants, the Devens community also includes more than 2,100 acres of recreation and open space, private residences, schools, and a network of human and social services providers.

These greens will be available to consumers in stores within a day after they are harvested. According to MassDevelopment it’s “a far cry from the bulk of greens sold in Massachusetts today that come from farms in Arizona or California that don’t arrive at markets in this region until six days after harvest.”

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Photo and videos courtesy of Little Leaf Farms

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